Election Day Campaign Leaflet Now Available for Download

A new joint campaign leaflet highlighting the 2010 Socialist/Green campaigns of both James Arnoldi for WSU Board of Governors and Diana Demers for U-M Board of Regents is now available for distribution to Michigan voters entering the polls on Election Day.

Click here to Download the Election Day Campaign Leaflet.


October 7th National Day of Action to Defend Public Education' Rally at Wayne State

Wayne State Board of Governors candidate James Arnoldi was among the participants at the National Day of Action to Defend Public Education rally, held Thursday October 7th on Wayne State's Campus. While addressing participants at the mic, as one of the rally's featured speakers, Arnoldi affirmed his full solidarity with the rally's circulated slate of demands, and his corresponding dedication to representing such demands on the WSU Board of Governors, if elected this November

The combined slate of demands, around which the WSU rally was organized and promoted, were:

* Money for education, not for war and bank bailouts!

* Schools, not prisons!

* Stop attacks on LGBTQ, women, and students of color!

* Amnesty for all student loans!

* Stop Attacks on Teachers!

* Support All Unions!


Arnoldi Campaign Featured in Associated Press Candidate Questionnaire

The Associated Press recently published James Arnoldi's responses to its Wayne State University Board of Governors candidate questionnaire, widely published in numerous Michigan newspapers.

Click Here to read and compare the candidates' AP questionnaire responses.

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