* Full support for the collective bargaining efforts and labor-action-rights of the WSU American Association of University Professors - American Federation of Teachers (AAUP-AFT) Local 6075, the WSU American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) Local 1947 (WSU Employees), the WSU Graduate Employees' Organizing Committee (GEOC), the WSU International Union of Operating Engineers Local 324, the WSU Professional and Administrative Union (P&A)/UAW Local 1979, the WSU Staff Association/UAW Local 2071, the WSU Union of Part-Time Faculty (UPTF), and the WSU UNITE-HERE local 24 (WSU housing facilities employees). Support the goal of 100% unionization of the University's workforce, regardless of the form, schedule, or expected duration of employment.

* Drastically lower tuition rates to the maximum extent possible without cutting or short-changing important student/community programs or services; beginning with the immediate reversal of the recent 4.4 percent tuition increase and parking increase that was approved by the Wayne State Board of Governors with only one dissenting vote. Utilize all available mechanisms to provide support and executive-institutional pressure toward the ultimate elimination of mandatory student tuition fees altogether, through the diversion of public funds presently directed toward the military and state/federal corporate-welfare subsidies, as one small step toward the establishment of a democratically worker-run economy, oriented to public needs, rather than private profit.

* Automatic tenure-track, at a fair salaries, with full year-round health benefits, for all full-time, part-time, and “adjunct” Wayne State faculty members.

* Boot the Wayne State Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) program from campus, end all University-contracted military research, and bar military recruiters from engaging in direct recruitment on campus

* Eliminate all corporate research and educational contracts with the University, as well as all corporate advertising on campus. Ensure academic and instructional independence from corporate control and influence by prohibiting the University from continuing to accept and solicit donations from 'for-profit' corporations.

* Support and implement the Wayne State Student Council's (n.k.a. Student Senate's) April 2003 resolution calling upon the WSU Board of Governors to divest all University assets from Israel, in protest of its continued human rights violations and apartheid-structured military occupation in the Palestinian territories.

* Establish a permanent student government liaison position, elected by and continuously accountable to, the Wayne State Student Senate, for purposes of representing Wayne State's student body at all Board of Regents meetings.

* Adopt and implement the Workers Rights Consortium's (WRC's) Designated Suppliers Program (DSP) procurement standard for the manufacturing of all Wayne State University merchandise.

Authorized by the CTE James Arnoldi, - P.O. Box 623; Belleville, MI 48112